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Preparing to Edit

Before starting to edit your video, you should complete a Time log.

YouTube Video Editor Help

Windows Movie Maker Tutorials

1. Add the video to your Movie Maker project using the Add videos and photos button.
2. Under Video Tools, set Video volume to none.
3. Click the Add music button. On the right side of the File name box, set it to videos and locate the video itself. 
4. Go to the specific time where you want to put the photo.
5. Under Video Tools, click Split.
6. Go to the part where you want the photo to end, then click Split again.
7. Please take note the length of the part where you want to put the photo, then delete that part of the video.
8. Add the photo to the project, and move it to the part where you split the video.
9. Click the photo, then under Video Tools, set the Duration equal to the length of the previously deleted part.

How to Increase the Volume of a Video File in Windows with Free Programs

iMovie Tutorials

The following tutorials provide very brief instructions for how to do the basic functions required for video editing.



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