ATTENTION: Due to COVID-19, physical access to The Learning Center is not available. We will be able to answer questions through phone, text, chat or email during normal operation hours. 

Remote tutoring is available through the Learning Center!

The Learning Center is currently providing online tutoring (synchronous: video or chat), email tutoring, and telephone tutoring.

To make an appointment with a Learning Center tutor, please fill out a tutoring request form.

Drop-in, online tutoring 

If you are registered for LSKL 800 or LSKL 803 you may also access, drop-in, online tutoring through the course Canvas shells.  

If you are not currently registered for LSKL 800 or LSKL 803, and you would like to access drop-in, online tutoring you can:

  • Go to WebSMART to register for LSKL 803. This is a free, non-credit course that simply provides access to tutoring (CRN 40809)


  • Request to be added to the LSKL 803 Canvas shell by sending your name and G# to: 
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