The Learning Center Labs

Academic assistance is provided through the following Learning Center Labs:

  • The Writing and Reading Lab assists students with any reading or writing assignment.
  • The ESOL Lab provides materials for students to practice the English language.
  • The Language Lab offers the Rosetta Stone program for students in Foreign Language classes.
  • The Audio/ Visual Recording Lab assists any student with any speech or Communication Studies assignment.
  • The Math Lab helps students in all levels of math.
  • The Science, Social Science, and Business Lab provides tutoring in biology, chemistry and other sciences in addition to Accounting and Business courses.
  • The Learning Center also offers Music Tutoring. Please see the bulletin board in the Writing & Reading Lab for more information.
  • Online Tutoring is available for Skyline students! Please contact David Reed for more information.
  • Tutoring in other subjects may be offered. The Learning Center does its best to find tutors for various subjects as needed, so be sure to check in each semester.

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