Grammar Guides

Grammar explanations and practice exercises for download are listed below.

  1. Adjectives and Adverbs: Learn to identify and use adjectives and adverbs to add detail to your writing
  2. Appositives: Learn to use appositives and NPAs to add detail to your sentences
  3. Articles: Learn to correctly use a, an and the
  4. Commas: Learn to correctly use commas when writing quotes, introductory phrases, series and more
  5. Contractions: Learn how correctly use contractions and apostrophes
  6. Coordinators: Learn to use the coordinators for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so to join sentences
  7. Dangling Modifiers: Learn to identify and correct these incomplete "pretend" sentences
  8. Fragments: Learn to identify and correct these incomplete "pretend" sentences
  9. Possessives: Learn to  show ownership of things, people or concepts using possessives
  10. Run-Together Sentences: Learn to identify and correct improperly joined sentences
  11. Subject Verbs: Learn to identify subjects and verbs so that you can write clear, complete sentences
  12. Subject Verb Agreement: Learn how to match singular and plural subjects with its corresponding verb form
  13. Subordinators: Learn to correctly use subordinators like although, because, and while to join sentences
  14. Verb Tenses: Learn to correctly use verb tenses including the past, present, future.


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