Welcome to the ESOL Lab!

The ESOL Lab is located next to room 5115 in The Learning Center, Building 5.

ESOL Conversation Groups

Stop by in person or contact the ESOL Instructional Aide if you are interested in joining a conversation group in English or Spanish

Language Sharing Groups

Spanish-English Language Sharing Groups generally meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00am-12:00pm in The Learning Center.  For a half-hour, particpants speak in English, and the second half-hour, participants speak in Spanish.  Learners of English and Spanish help each other learn the two languages. Check with the ESOL Instructional Aide for more info.

What can I do at the ESOL Lab?

  • Work with ESOL tutors and improve your English skills faster!
  • Use computer software to improve your understanding of English grammar
  • Join conversation groups
  • Practice pronunciation in our Language Lab
  • Record your voice for your ESOL class
  • Attend free workshops to learn important study skills and parts of speech in written English

How Do I Enroll?

Sign up for LSKL 800 or LSKL 803 through WebSMART.

Students can earn units of credit as follows:

  • 0.5 unit = 24 hours = approximately 1 ½ hrs per week
  • 1.0 unit = 48 hours = approximately 3 hrs per week


Summer 2015 ESOL Tutoring Schedule 

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