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Student Testimonials


Jiahui (Kalie) Tang

Country of Citizenship: China

Major: Statistics

Transfer to: UC Berkeley (Fall 2016)

There are many things that helped me transfer successfully from Skyline College. In order to transfer to the university of your dreams, you need to maintain a good GPA, as well as have plenty of extracurricular activities. To help maintain a good GPA, visiting my professors during their office hours and getting guidance from counsellors regarding my courses helped me a lot. As a nonnative English speaker, I was always scared of English classes, but the tutors in the Learning Center provided me with a lot of help and support. In order to gain experience in extracurricular activities, I found that the Honors Transfer Program was very interesting, challenging and valuable. It requires that you complete 15 honors units and 15 volunteer hours. Being a part of this student society motivated me to participate more in social events and aim for higher grades.


Donway Dolceldo Sy

Country of Citizenship: Philippines

Major: Business Administration

Transfer to: University of British Columbia (Fall 2016)

Skyline College helped me achieve not just a good GPA, but also to gain a new perspective of my surroundings. I joined the Honors Transfer Program and Phi Theta Kappa in order to widen my experiences. After becoming an officer at PTK, I then became the President of the Chapter, which opened many doors for me. I completed an internship with the Global Learning program, which helped me to learn my strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. Skyline College has been a wonderful experience for me; it has taught me so much and helped in making me the person that I am today. Coming from a country where excelling in my academic work was sufficient, I have been challenged to learn other skills, make new friends and come out of my comfort zone!


Roma Fung

Country of Citizenship: China

Major: Business Administration

Transfer to: UC Santa Barbara (Fall 2016)

Skyline College helped me transfer successfully to my dream school. Guidance and support I received from professors as well as from the Learning Center helped me maintain a good GPA. I would go to the Learning Center whenever I had time, to study with the tutors as they had sessions for a variety of subjects. I went to the Transfer Centre where they helped me review my application and personal statement. The International Student Program office supported me throughout my time at Skyline College, and I have been a student assistant with them for a couple of semesters, as well as an active member of the International Affairs Student Club. Having this experience on my personal statement was definitely invaluable and made my application more appealing!


Xi Cheng

Country of Citizenship: China

Major: Mathematics

Transfer to: UC Santa Barbara (Fall 2016)

Skyline College helped in many ways to transfer out to a four-year school. For the UC applications, I didn’t know how to even start answering a lot of questions. I went to the Transfer Center and the counselors were very nice. They told me a lot of things that I was unaware of and they also told me how to modify my personal statement to make it the best it could be. As an international student, I didn’t know anything about life and culture in America. When I came to Skyline College for the first time, it was a new environment and I had no clue about the American educational system and how to select courses. I went to an international student counselor and he patiently answered all of my questions and taught me everything I needed to succeed at Skyline College. For any students looking to transfer from Skyline College, I can say that the school provides all the support, guidance and advice that you need in order to transfer successfully. My time at Skyline College has been great fun.


Tin Ching (Twinkle) Lok

Country of Citizenship: Hong Kong

Major: Biotechnology

Transfer to: University of California, Berkeley (Fall 2015)

Skyline College provides many resources such as academic tutoring and mentoring initiatives for students to achieve academic success. It produces lots of opportunities for student to strive and to demonstrate all their academic talents. Besides, Skyline has a diverse community. As a student from Hong Kong, Skyline can provide me a comfortable learning environment where I can concentrate on my education. Moreover, it is a great chance for me to participate in a global community which includes different cultures, nations, races and religions. Lastly, I love the huge varieties of clubs and organizations. I am a person who wishes to have a chance to become a well-rounded person, not only concentrating on academics, but Skyline offers me a chance to explore my talent in other aspects.


Oladipo (Dipo) Toriola

Country of Citizenship: Nigeria

Major: Engineering

Transfer to: University of California, Berkeley (Fall 2015)

I am honored to be a Skyline student. Skyline College welcomed me with open arms and provided nothing but support while I was here. I encourage my fellow international students to keep up their hard work!


Wing Nam (Tess) Leung

Country of Citizenship: Hong Kong

Major: Environmental Economics and Policy

Transfer to: University of California, Berkeley (Fall 2015)

I think the college life is one of the most important experience everyone needs to go through. I chose Skyline College. It was awesome to study here for the past two years! The study environment was a great fit for me and my professors and friends supported my academic journey. Counselors here are so friendly and caring. They have always listened to my concerns and gone above and beyond to support me whenever I had difficult times. I appreciate their hard work and assistance for my success.


Yi Rui (Tiffany) Gwee

Country of Citizenship: Malaysia

Major: Business

Transfer to: Johns Hopkins University (Fall 2015)

I’ve spent two years at Skyline College and I really enjoyed my time here. Thanks to all the help I received from Skyline faculty and staff members, I am transferring to Johns Hopkins Business School with $20,000 scholarship. Unlike a 4-year university, Skyline has a small class size where you get to know your professor better and you get to learn better. I think Skyline is a very good place for international students. I hope many international students enjoy their experience here at Skyline College.


Naoko Yumoto

Country of Citizenship: Japan

Major: Accounting

Transfer to: State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo (Spring 2015)

I never really enjoyed studying Mathematics at high school. Then I came to Skyline and took Math 251 during my first semester as part of my General Education (GE) requirements. My teacher was fantastic and I received a lot of help from tutors at the Learning Center. Math just became my favorite subject of all and that is how I decided to pursue my career in accounting. I want to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) after I complete my Bachelor’s degree at SUNY, Geneseo.