About the International Student Program

Skyline College is located next to the great city of San Francisco and in the high tech capital of the world, Silicon Valley. Our beautiful campuses have gorgeous panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay Area. Skyline College offers high quality programs with award-winning faculty and provides individual attention to our students. Our international student advisors take pride in ensuring that students successfully transfer to top colleges and universities. Our Transfer Admission Guarantee enhances opportunities for students to transfer to the seven University of California campuses. We are among the top transfer colleges for California State Universities. Our students study in world class facilities and they enjoy small class size and dedicated attention from faculty who have doctoral and masters’ degrees.

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Transfer programs are mainly available to community college students. The lower division units/courses and/or degrees completed at a community college level may be awarded to a Bachelor's at four-year universities. This provides an opportunity for students to complete lower division courses at a lower cost in a community college and transfer the earned units (almost 50% of the credits required for a Bachelor's degree) to a four-year university in California (University of California, California State University, private universities), or to a university in another state.

The four-year universities have established mutual agreements with community colleges to accommodate students with their transfer plan.

Skyline College is your bridge to attend :

  • Academy of Art University
  • Cal Poly Pomona
  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • Columbia College Chicago
  • Cornell University
  • Cornell University-Endowed Colleges
  • CSU East Bay
  • CSU Los Angeles
  • CSU Monterey Bay
  • CSU, Fullerton
  • CSU, Humboldt
  • CSU, Sacramento
  • Dominican University
  • Drexel University College of Medicine The ELAM Program
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Harvard
  • Loyola Marymount University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Menlo College
  • Mills College
  • Musician Institute
  • Notre Dame De Namur University
  • Pratt University
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Sacramento State University
  • Samuel Merritt University
  • San Francisco State University
  • San Jose State University
  • Santa Clara University
  • St. Mary's College
  • Stanford University
  • Tufts University
  • UC Berkeley
  • UC Davis
  • UC Irvine
  • UC Los Angeles
  • UC San Diego
  • UC San Francisco
  • UC Santa Barbara
  • UC Santa Cruz
  • University Of Chicago
  • University of Nevada
  • University of Notre Dame de Namur
  • University of Oregon
  • University of San Diego
  • University Of Southern California
  • University of the Pacific
  • Univeristy of Phoenix
  • University of Washington
  • Yale
  • William and Mary
  • and many other universities in America!

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Skyline College does not offer on-campus housing/dormitory. International students usually rent a furnished room in a home nearby or rent an apartment.

    • Option 1: Homestay

Our college can refer you to agencies that help you locate private homes where you can rent a room with or without meals. Be sure to contact the agencies below one month ahead of your arrival. The arrangement of homestay is like the following:

Room only

Room and breakfast

Room with breakfast and dinner

International Student Placement (ISP) ISP has successfully placed thousands of international students with host families in the San Francisco Bay Area. They place each student in a living situation where they will feel comfortable and secure. ISP hosts are personally interviewed in their home, screened and selected for the program. Host homes are located within a reasonable distance to the student's school, typically within a 5-mile radius. Hosts are a variety of families and come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds that matches the interest and needs of international students. ISP provides support during the student's stay and airport pick up (for a fee).

Download and complete application form (http://isphomestays.com/college-programs/). Tel +1 650-947-8879 Universal Student Housing (USI) is a homestay provider for colleges and universities in California. Our goal is to provide the best service possible and to make sure our students are happy in their homestay. USH offers students 3 different homestay options:

Students may apply using our easy online application process. For more information visit www.usaish.com/hmst.htm or call 1.866.900.4874.

    • Option 2: Rent an apartment

The rent of a one bedroom apartment ranges between $1100 and $1,500 per month. Students must be prepared for additional costs of utilities, (gas, electricity, and telephone). There is required security deposit of the first month rent (refundable). The International Student Office at each college maintains a file of rooms in private homes, and provides students with housing information upon their arrival. New students should plan to arrive at least two weeks before registration. Early arrival is necessary to provide adequate time to locate housing and become familiar with the area.

    • Option 3: Rent a Room

The rent of a furnished room in the San Mateo, San Bruno and Redwood City area ranges between $900 and $1200 per month. This price usually covers all utilities and kitchen privileges. Students are responsible for their own personal expenses, such as cooking, laundry, telephone bill, etc.

Other Resources

  • Craigslist lists a wide variety of housing in and around the San Francisco Bay area.
  • SFGate lists housing in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • San Mateo County Times focuses primarily on San Mateo County and is a good source for housing on the Peninsula.
  • San Mateo Daily Journal provides local housing information.

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International students need at least US $19,000 per academic year to cover school and living expenses. Excluding all travel expenses, around US 10,000 per semester is required. Additional funds must be available for those who plan to remain in the United States during the summer. College fees are due and payable at the time of registration.

Expenses are estimated as follows:

Tuition (12 units @ $212 per unit) $2,544 USD $5,088 USD
Enrollment Fee (12 units @ $46 per unit) $552 USD $1,104 USD
Books and Supplies $300 USD $600 USD
Medical Insurance (Summer $224) $560 USD $1,340 USD
Local Public Transportation $200 USD $400 USD
Room/Food (minimum) $5,000 USD $10,000 USD
Miscellaneous $250 USD $500 USD
Total $9,406 USD $19,032 USD

All costs are subject to change

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Degrees and Programs Offered District-wide

Skyline College offers Associate degrees and Transfer Programs: Associate degree programs are two-year programs, Associate degree in Arts (AA degree) and Associate Degree in Science (AS degree) that will be awarded when the student successfully completes all necessary graduation requirements (60 degree applicable units/credits) with a required Grade Point Average (GPA).

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Medical Insurance

Due to the high cost of medical expenses all International students are required to have medical insurance. You can purchase medical insurance from our district for a total of $1,340 per year. You may choose to purchase by semester; each term costs $560 for Fall and Spring, and $224 for summer, if attending. This does not cover dental. Government sponsored students are exempt from this requirement.

If you have private medical insurance, the coverage should be equivalent to our district insurance policy and you will be required to provide proof. The policy of your medical coverage will be checked and evaluated every semester.

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International Student Scholarship – Global Beca Foundation of San Mateo Colleges

There are a limited number of one time scholarships for new international students ranging from $250 to $1000 each depending on availability of funds.

To apply for the Global Beca Foundation International Student Scholarship, complete the required application form available here. Then return the completed application and all relevant documents by fax or email to:

Jing Luan, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, Educational Services and Planning San Mateo CCCD Cañada College, College of San Mateo, & Skyline College Fax: 650.574.6566 or Email: luan@smccd.edu

Awards are granted based on achievement and the potential for involvement in student leadership positions at the college.


Scholarships are also available for current international students. For more information, please visit the financial aid office website.

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Minor Consent Form

If applicable, download and fill out the Minor Consent Form.

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Intensive English Language School Partnerships

Students who apply to Skyline College and have met all of our admission requirements, with the exception of English proficiency requirement, may choose to enroll in one of our partner English language schools. By enrolling in one of our partner English language schools, students will receive a conditional letter of admission from Skyline College. When students complete the required level at our partner language school, we will issue the acceptance letter.

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Approved High School Equivalencies

Skyline College accepts these as an equivalent of a high school diploma.

Certification of High School Course Completion Students in China who complete grade 11 may be eligible for admission under our high school equivalency option. The student applicant would need to submit a High School Equivalency Form which requires the signature of the high school administrator or a government authority. Click here to download and print the High School Equivalency Form. Students must be 16 years old.

“O” LEVELS and IGCSE Students who wish to enter Skyline College by completing the Cambridge O Levels or the IGCSE must be in an O Level or IGCSE CURRICULUM. They must also pass five of the IGCSE exams which must include English, Math, Social Studies, Mother Tongue (or second language), and one science class. We will not accept students who take these as independent or private candidates. We must see the examination results before we can admit students but we will accept preliminary results. Once the official results are available the student must submit those to the International Students Admissions and Services office.

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