Strategic Plan 2012 - 2017


  • BG = Board Goal
  • DSP = District Strategic Plan      Recommendation
  • SCG = Skyline College Goal

Strategic Priorities: Staffing for Student Success

College-Wide Forum PowerPoint Presentation

Facilities and Technology

Skyline College will identify and scale technology-enabled approaches and upgraded facilities to improve teaching and learning. This strategic priority will extend our reach and multiply the benefit of interactive digital research and learning support through expanding our technological capacity. We will have the ability to focus on digital and web services and support for students, faculty and staff (eBooks, eAudio, eMagazines, online services for tutoring and supporting learning) shift our focus to web enhanced services across the college. Examples include:

  • Online The Learning Center (BG-3, BG-4, DSP-2.3c, SCG-4)
  • Library/Learning Resource Center
  • Technology Enhanced Classrooms
  • Electronic Signboard
  • Building 2
  • Building 1
  • Building 5


Student Services

Skyline College will expand and enhance Student Services programs through innovation and the seamless delivery of services. This strategic priority includes intentional and systematic approaches that build strong collaborations with K-12 and four-year partners using the cohort model, non-traditional strategies to support veterans, military personnel and their families, and seamless linkages between instructional programs, job placement services and, business and industry. Examples include:

  • Job Placement and Follow up (SCG-6)
  • Transfer (SCG-1)
  • The Skyline College Promise (BG-3, SCG-1)
  • Veterans Resource Center (pathway for vets) (BG-3, SCG-1)
  • Student Success Initiatives (BG-4, SCG-1)


Equity and Excellence

Skyline College will develop and strengthen relationships both domestic and international to ensure excellence in practice for an increasingly diverse student population. This strategic priority will increase the number of international students through innovative outreach and increased capacity initiatives (e.g. residential agreements). Additionally, there will be a strong focus on improving student outcomes through a dedicated professional development center inquiry center, where research will serve as the foundation for improving institutional practice. Examples include:

  • International Students/Study Abroad (BG-8, DSP-3.1f, SCG-8)
  • Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (Professional Development)
    (BG-7, DSP-4.5a, DSP-4.5b)
  • Center for Transformative Inquiry (research) (BG-7, DSP-5.1c, SCG-2)
  • Sustainability Initiative (BG-6, SCG-6)


Comprehensive Community Connection

Skyline College will engage in a comprehensive initiative to strengthen the community connections. This initiative will include an overarching outreach strategy that includes the development of a middle college and expanding concurrent enrollment. Finally, we will begin the discussions on the feasibility and benefits of a Vista Creative Arts Complex. Examples include:

  • Community on Campus (BG-1, SCG-3)
  • Comprehensive Outreach (BG-3, DSP-2.1b, SCG-1, SCG-3)
  • Concurrent Enrollment (BG-3, DSP-5.2a, SCG-1, SCG-3)
  • The Skyline College Promise
  • Middle College (DSP-2.2b, DSP-2.2c, SCG-1, SCG-3)
  • Workforce/Business & Industry Connections (BG-1, SCG-4, SCG-4)
  • Vista Creative Arts Complex (initial conversations) (DSP-12.a, SCG-3)



Skyline College will build on the strong educational foundations and college goals by enhancing accessibility, leading in workforce programs supporting the region, and providing learning opportunities that prepare students for their future. Skyline College faculty and staff keep abreast of emerging fields of study and engage in connecting academic programming with the needs of our students and community. Examples include:

  • College for Working Adults (BG-3, SCG-6)
  • Service Learning (BG-3, SCG-3)
  • Acceleration Project (BG-3, SCG-1, SCG-3)
  • New Programs (BG-1, SCG-1, SCG-3, SCG-4)
    1. ASL Interpreter Training
    2. Urban Music Academy
    3. Anesthesiology Certificate
    4. Journalism
    5. Art/Digital Imagery
    6. Digital Photography
    7. Teacher Prep Institute

Fiscal Stability / Resource Development

Skyline College will maintain fiscal stability through strategic integrated planning and resource allocation and development. This strategic priority strives to maintain the sound fiscal health of the institution through a balanced general fund budget with a built-in reserve, ongoing resource development and revenue generation. The college aims to provide stable funding to be able to create permanent classified and administrator positions as well as develop initiatives to meet student and community needs. Examples include:

  • Reserve for Contingency (BG-1, SCG-5, SCG-7)
  • Alternative Revenue Streams
    1. Grants Infrastructure (BG-1, DSP-4.1c, SCG-4)
    2. Facilities Rental (BG-1, DSP-4.1c, SCG-5)
    3. International Students Program (BG-1, BG-8, DSP-3.1f, SCG-8)