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There is a wealth of literature on clean energy and green jobs that has been produced in the last several years. These resources provide comprehensive overviews of the clean energy economy and green jobs in California and across the nation.

Green Jobs
  • NextTen and Collaborative Economics produce a report that analyzes the industries and jobs involved in clean tech. One of the most interesting parts of the report is its analysis of historical economic and job growth, and energy savings resulting from environmental legislation in California since the 1970s. DiCamillo, Mark et. al. Many Shades of Green.  (Partnership between Next Ten, Collaborative Economics, and Field Research Corporation, 2012).
  • Researchers at the Brookings Institution conducted a national study to qualify and quantify those jobs. Muro, Mark et. al. Sizing the Clean Economy: A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment. (Washington, Brookings Institution, 2011).
  • The Occupational Information Network (commonly called O*NET), a project of the US Department of Labor’s Employment Training Administration, developed a comprehensive index of green jobs by what it calls, “Standard Occupational Classifications” (SOC codes).  This report talks about how they came up with the occupational categories for green jobs, and what jobs they include.
  • The Centers of Excellence is a project of Economic and Workforce Development and the California Community Colleges that conducts labor market “Environmental Scans” to analyze training and skill needs for particular areas of the economy. Economists there have been actively engaged in conducting these scans for a variety of areas in the clean energy economy including solar, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, water treatment, and wind energy.
  • If you are looking for a compendium of many of the reports and research, the California Employment Development Department has put together a vast, but very navigable, index of reports on green jobs and the green economy.

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