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Due to unhealthy air quality, classes are cancelled and campus is closed now through Saturday. Classes and normal campus operations will resume Monday, November 19, 2018.

Student G Number

SMCCCD uses a computer generated Personal Identification System (G# or Student ID) for all students, faculty and staff.

The Student I.D. number, often referred to as the G number, and also called a User I.D. when logging in to WebSMART, is what holds the student’s record in our computer system. It consists of 9 digits, beginning with a G (which stands for Generated), followed by 8 numbers. A student cannot change their Student I.D. number.

This G# is used in place of the SSN in all computer transactions and reports unless the SSN is a specific requirement (e.g. payroll and IRS reporting).

The PIN is created at the same time as the Student I.D. number from the application being processed. The PIN is initially the 6-digit birthdate (MMDDYY) that a student can later change, if they prefer, to something more personal between 6 and 15 characters long. When logging into WebSMART, WebACCESS and other systems the PIN is used as the Password for the system.

Key Points:

  • All students, faculty and staff are assigned a computer-generated G#.
  • The G#'s are 9 characters and consist of the letter "G" followed by 8 numbers. An example of an G# is: G00123456.
  • All reports having to do with students use the G#. Faculty see students' G#'s on items such as class lists.
  • The primary method to access WebSMART is with your G#. If you forget your G# you can still use your SSN as an alternate G# to log in.
  • Your G# will be displayed in WebSMART after you log in. So, if you forget your new G# you can log into WebSMART with your SSN and then record your new G#.