What is FYE-LEAP Learning Community?

FYE-LEAP stands for First Year Experience –Latinos Excelling in Academic Programs.

The purpose of the program is to facilitate the students' success in mathematics during the first year of college and teach them how to succeed in their future math courses.

This program is designed to support students who enroll in Math 811 (basic skills mathematics) during the Fall semester and Math 110 (Elementary Algebra) during the Spring semester. The students will enroll in counseling, career counseling and supplemental instruction courses while they are enrolled in their math course. These four courses are hard-linked.


Who should enroll in the program?

Any student who is placed in Math 811 can benefit enrolling in FYE-LEAP Learning Community. For more information about FYE-LEAP Learning Community, please email Cecilia Gutierrez or Soodi Zamani. Also, you can look at the FYE-LEAP brochure here.


Student Learning Outcome:

Upon the completing the program the students will:

  1. Successfully complete Math 110 with a grade C or better.

  2. Choose a career path through transferring to a four-year institution or AA/AS degree.

  3. Enroll into their next math course and practice suitable strategies to successfully complete their courses.

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