Customized Classes for Businesses and Foreign-born Professionals

Skyline College can provide specially tailored ESL classes for your workforce.  To find out what type of corporate ESL is right for you, consider these questions.

Where do you want the instruction?

Skyline College can provide corporate ESL at our campus or your own workplace.  On-site (workplace) ESL tends to have higher rates of attendance and retention than off-site (campus). 

Will the workers be compensated for their time spent in the class?

Compensation plays a strong role in attendance and motivation for workers improving their English.

What skills need to be addressed?

Create simple goals such as:

3 physicians working a laptop
  • “Employees need to be able to write clear emails.”
  • “Employees need higher verbal intelligibility when speaking with clients.”
  • “Employees need to write clear objective reports.”
  • “Employees need to know how to conduct and participate in meetings.”

A Skyline College ESL professional can custom-tailor the class for your needs.

What type of setting is optimal for the need you are trying to address? 

It is best for addressing needs if the instructor can see the workplace and conduct the class in the context of the workplace (onsite, or nearby, using materials/equipment that are relevant).  If the instructor of the course could come to observe workers and the way they need to interact, what setting would you like the instructor to see to learn more about the workers’ needs?  Consider using existing work facilities as the classroom, where possible.

How long a course would you like?

8-12 weeks is an average length.  The length of time may depend on your goals.

What weekly delivery would work best for your employees?

board room discussion

Any range of hours can be arranged; for example:

  • 2 hrs, 2x/week
  • 3 hrs, 1x/week
  • 3 hrs, 2x/week
  • 4 hrs, 2x/week

What time of day is best?

Before work? After shift? Saturdays?  Daytime (work time) is the very best situation, but if it must be after work hours, at the close of shift is ideal.

Once you have determined the type of ESL your employees need, please contact Leigh Anne Shaw at the English Language Institute by emailing the ELI or call at (650) 738-7089.

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