Education/Child Development

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Start making a difference in children's lives.

The Education/Child Development Program at Skyline College prepares students for careers working with children. We have a variety of courses designed for both full and part time students looking to transfer, receive a Certificate, Associates Degree for Transfer, or upgrade knowledge and skills.

We have a dedicated faculty and staff that come from a diverse range of educational backgrounds, an Education Preparation Institute (EPICenter) where students can meet and check out resources and a Child Development Lab Center for students to conduct observations and gain experience.  If you are interested in any of our programs, please contact our Education and Child Development Program Services Coordinator to help get you started! 

The Education/Child Development Program at Skyline College

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) program at Skyline College offers courses designed for students interested in working with children from birth through age 8, in a pre-school, family childcare, or after-school setting. Students can earn an Associate’s Degree for Transfer in Early Childhood Education.  The program also partners with the Child Development Laboratory Center on campus to offer students hands-on experiences observing and engaging with young children.

Students interested in pursuing a career in Elementary Education or Special Education can begin their academic preparation by completing an Early Childhood Special Education Certificate or the Associate Degree for Transfer in Elementary Education. The EPICenter continues to expand its support and resources for future teachers in all grades (K12 and Special Education) by partnering with interdisciplinary Skyline College faculty, university professionals, and community programs and agencies. 

Career Outlook

Students pursuing a degree or certificate in child development or education are able to choose from a variety of occupations that start at entry level while continuing to grow in both experience and education.  Our program is modeled to work cohesively with the California Teacher Credential Child Developments Permit allowing students to enter classrooms with as few as 6 units in Child Development as an Assistant Teacher and progressing towards Program Director. 

Additionally students enrolled in our certificate programs will be required to have 96 hours of hands on supervised field experience in their area of choice.  This experience can be the start of a career in infant-toddler, pre-school teaching, school age (after school care) or administration, special education, or elementary education.  Many students use these certificate as a step towards advanced degrees in fields such as social work, child psychiatry, or advocacy.