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ESL for Hospitality Management and Tourism

Join the 2015 Summer Institute from June 1 - June 26, 2015

Learn English for Hospitality industries and earn units towards a certificate in Hospitality Management and Tourism. Details here.


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Workplace English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL 803)

ESOL 803 (3 units) is offered every Fall semester.  Students gain valuable skills in vocabulary and language for job searches, language for the interview and resume, and skills for talking to your boss, on the phone, or to clients.  In addition, students spend two hours each week in an on-campus office setting helping customers and practicing their English skills. Students who want to build better skills in customer service will benefit from this class.  Contact the ELI for questions or more information.


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English for Child Care Providers (ESOL 804/ECE 804)

ESOL 804/ECE 804 (3 units) is offered every Spring semester.  Students gain language for working in a child care center and talking to teachers and parents about children. Activities include learning to lead "story time" sessions for children, singing songs with children, observing children in a Child Development lab setting, and reviewing books written for children.  Students who plan to take Early Childhood Education courses can prepare well for those courses with this class.  Contact the ELI for questions or more information.


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English for Health Care Providers (ESOL 805, 806, 807)

ESOL 805, 806, and 807 are a series of courses culminating in the completion of the English for Health Care Providers program.  Starting in Spring of 2013, we plan to offer the entire series in this order:

Spring 2013: ESOL 805 - English for Health Care I: Patients and Health Care Professionals.  
Summer 2013:  ESOL 806 - English for Health Care II:  Health Care Practices
Fall 2013:  ESOL 807 - English for Health Care III:  Challenges in Health Care


Completion of all three ESL for Health Care courses will result in a new certificate entitled English for Health Care Professionals.  This certificate will comprise language skills and practice in the areas of:

  • Gathering Patient Information
  • Using Medical Terminology appropriately
  • Critical Health Issues in the U.S.
  • Job Interview Skills
  • Serving Multicultural Patients

Eligibility for English for Health Care Providers

You are eligible for the English for Health Care Professionals course of study if you:

  • Have a medical degree from another country
  • Are looking for work in the medical fields here in the U.S.
  • Feel your English skills holding you back from your dream job

Fill out this form to let us know your interest in English skills for health care.

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