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Courses Offered

ECON 100 Principles of Macro Economics (3 units)

Introduction to the U.S. economy and its institutions in a global context. Measuring output, unemployment, and inflation. Theory of the determination of output and prices for individual markets and the economy as a whole. Analysis of money, banking, and interest rates. Government fiscal and monetary stabilization policies. Current economic topics.

ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics (3 units)

Introduction to the functioning of markets. Theory of the determination of output and prices for markets under competitive and noncompetitive conditions. Analysis of firms’ costs and revenues. Government tax and regulatory policies in response to imperfect competition and market failures. Current economic topics such as international trade and labor markets.

ECON 111 The Economy Today (3 units)

Non-theoretical consideration of current economic issues. Introduction to basic economic concepts and alternative perspectives. Current issues include unemployment, inflation, banking, immigration, social security, international trade, and war. NOTE: Students who have received credit for ECON 100 or 102 may not receive credit for ECON 111.

ECON 310 Political Economy of Asia (3 units)

This course provides a comparative study of the political economy of Asian countries, including political systems, economic growth, distribution of income, and international diplomatic and economic relationships. Students will learn the impact of European and U.S. colonialism, post-colonial political and economic developments, including market reforms in socialist countries to understand both development in relations among Asian nations and their relationship to the U.S. economy and foreign policy.