This page contains contact names of all the members of the Curriculum Committee for academic year 2015-2016. From here you can send an email to any Curriculum Committee member by clicking on the underlined e-mail address link.

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Curriculum Committee Voting Members

Member NameExt.Division/Position
Dennis Wolbers x4184 Academic Support & Learning Technologies Faculty
Curriculum Co-Chair
Ronda Wimmer x4475 Business, Education and Professional Programs Faculty
Hellen Zhang x4109 Business, Education and Professional Programs Faculty
Jan Fosberg x4215 Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance Faculty
Jim Bowsher x4360 Language Arts Faculty
Leigh Anne Shaw x4408 Language Arts Faculty
Nick Kapp x4415 Science/Math/Technology Faculty
Adam Windham x7263 Science/Math/Technology Faculty
Jude Navari x4384 Social Science/Creative Arts Faculty
John Ulloa x7127 Social Science/Creative Arts Faculty
Curriculum Co-Chair
Jacquie Escobar x4305 Student Services Faculty
Imelda Hermosillo x4493 Student Services Faculty


Curriculum Committee Ex-Officio Members 

Member NameExt.Division/Position
Sarah Perkins x4321 Vice President, Instruction
William Minnich x4484 Dean, Enrollment Services
Luis Escobar x4124 Dean, Counseling (for Matriculation)
Bridget Fischer x4282 Distance Education Liaison
Adriana Johnston x4307 Classified Senate Representative
Justin Tom   Associated Students Representative
Maria Norris x4332 Vice President of Instruction Office, Staff Support
Bryan Besnyi x7126 Vice President of Instruction Office, Recorder



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