General Education

General Education at Skyline College provides students with a foundation of knowledge and abilities useful to all programs of study. General Education gives students the opportunity to explore and master a varied set of skills, perspectives and disciplinary experiences. Our General Education program is guided by a set of student learning outcomes that compliments work a student does in their discipline majors or career and technical areas.


The General Education Program at Skyline College provides a scope and depth of learning that empowers students to meet the work, life, and global citizenship challenges of the 21st century. The Program fosters and develops the essential knowledge, skills, and values students need to succeed in an interdependent world of daunting complexity and relentless change. It is the foundation of life-long learning. Students gain broad knowledge of science, cultures and society; a wide range of high-level intellectual and practical skills; a strong sense of ethical and social responsibility; and the ability to integrate and apply the knowledge, skills, and values acquired in general education to new settings and complex problems and challenges. The General Education Program values and prioritizes broad, diverse perspectives, cross-disciplinary learning, intellectual curiosity, critical and creative inquiry, and the importance of engaging big questions, both contemporary and enduring.

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