This page contains links and forms to submit new and modified course requests to the Curriculum Committee. Beginning Spring Semester 2012, all new, modified and technology mediated instruction course requests will be done through CurricUNET.

All new courses, course modifications, experimential courses, selected topics courses, and technology mediated courses must include a Course Outline. This outline will be developed when the course is created through CurricUNET.  All changes to course outlines must be made in CurricUNET. To determine if a requested change of the course outline will trigger a Curriculum Committee action, please contact Maria Norris in the Instruction Office. For help with CurricUNET, please contact Maria Norris, your Division Curriculum Committee representative, or Division Dean.

Access CurricUNET through the special website created for SMCCCD.

Instructions to Create a New Course in CurricUNET.

Instructions for Course Modifications in CurricUNET.

Instructions for Returning Course to Dean After Making Corrections in CurricUNET.

Instructions for Creating a New Program in CurricUNET

Instructions for Modifying an Existing Program in CurricUNET

Course Outlines with Student Learning Outcomes (SLOS): Examples

Please contact any Curriculum Committee Member if you need help in using these forms. Use the Calendar to determine deadlines and due dates.

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