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College Success Initiative Plan (09-10)  

College Success Initiative Update (Fall 2011)  

College Success Initiative Update (10-11)  


The initiatives that are underway as a result of considerable input from many faculty, staff, and administrators. Listed below are some of the major projects, with people to contact if you'd like to get involved. Project archives are stored on our CSI Sharepoint site.

  • First Year Experience (FYE) Learning Community-- Arielle Smith, Counselor, x4147
  • Early Alert Program-- Carla Campillo, Counselor, x4315
  • College and Career Orientation Course (Career 410)--Melissa Komadina, x4391, Counselors
  • Welcome Day at Skyline-- Nate Nevado, x4388
  • Basic Skills Research-- Aaron McVean, Dean of Research, Planning, & Institutional Effectiveness, x4454
  • Outreach-- Nate Nevado, Counselor, x4388
  • Counselor's Summer Institute-- Virginia Padron / Jacquie Escobar, Counselor, x4305
  • Contextualized Curriculum-- David Hasson, Mathematics, 378-7301 x19206, Leigh Anne Shaw, ESOL Professor, x4408
  • Middle College-- Sarah Perkins, x4321
  • ESL Institute-- Leigh Anne Shaw, ESOL Professor, x4408
  • Supplementary Instruction-- Mary Gutierrez, Dean of Language Arts/Learning Resources, x4343, Ray Hernandez, Dean of Science, Math, & Technology, x4221, & David Reed, Learning Center Project Director, x4161
  • Acceleration in Math and English--Chris Gibson, English Professor/CSI Co-Coordinator, x4409