Members consist of the College President and Vice Presidents, Academic Senate President and Vice President, Classified Council President and Vice President, Associated Students President and Vice President.

Linda Allen (Staff Assistant)

Student Services - DSPS Skyline

Barbara Daley (Library Support Specialist)

Academic Support and Learning Technologies - Library Skyline

Leigh Anne Shaw (Professor/Faculty Coordinator for ELI Program)

Language Arts - ESOL Skyline

Kathryn Browne (Professor)

Business, Education and Professional Programs - ECE Skyline

Regina Stanback Stroud (College President)

President's Office - President's Office Skyline

Sarah Perkins (Vice President of Instruction)

Office of the Vice President, Instruction - VP Instruction Office Skyline

Jose Luis Sanchez, ASSC President

Katelyn Smathers, ASSC Vice President

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