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Services CITD Provides to Businesses


  • Incumbent Worker Trainings
  • One-on-One Consultant
  • Trainings, Workshops, Seminars
  • Export Development Programs
  • Business Match-Making
  • Membership to our Business Forum (BILAF)
  • Jobs Board
  • Export Readiness Assessment
  • Complete the Client Information Form

Business Industry Leadership Advisory Forum (BILAF)

What is BILAF?

  • BILAF is composed of a group of local representatives from the global trade and logistics industry with occupational knowledge and hiring expertise. The Advisory Forum is established to advise the faculty and administration on workforce education programs. The goal is to ensure that the CTE programs have adequate resources, well-designed curriculum that align with business and industry needs and equip students with 21st century GTL workforce skills, abilities, and knowledge, to secure employment.
  • Our strategy creates a unique venue for regional collaboration and shared investment in workforce training among community colleges, employers, and the workforce development system. It is designed to meet 21st century GTL industry workforce needs and requirements and develop Career Pathways for community college students; the new talent pipeline.

Become a Member

The BILAF Board Member Roles are the following:

  • Curriculum: Assist with design, review and validation
  • Career Guidance: Serve as guest speakers on job and career- related subjects central to student success
  • Facilities and Funding: Provide advice and attain resources for new facilities and equipment; provide training funds for individuals through tuition reimbursement or class size training projects; host a BILAF quarterly meeting
  • Provide Outreach and Recruitment to new entrants and incumbent workers for the CTE programs
  • Serve as a mentor
  • Serve as a job-shadowing site
  • Provide paid or unpaid internship positions
  • Hire CTE certificate and credential graduates
  • Opportunity to work as Adjunct Faculty
  • Attend 3 quarterly meetings every calendar year.

Interested in Hosting a BILAF meeting?