Posting Regulations


The Center for Student Life and Leadership Development overseas all posting throughout campus.


Things to Remember for Posting:

-All postings must be stamped by the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development in Building 6, Room 6212 to be posted

-Post only on ASSC Bulletin Boards (No postings on walls, doors, windows, or cars)

-Campus bulletin boards are reserved for students, staff, and non-profits only.

Want to post on the LED TV Screens?

In order to have the slides posted on the campus TVs, you will need to use the following  template and then send the final ad to the Director of Marketing at The LED screens have a specific format that is created in PowerPoint. We ask that you use this template with a college logo. Once you have created your flyer in PowerPoint, please send it to Marketing and they will be able to approve it and post it for you.


Bulletin Board Locations

Free Speech Map

LED TV Screen Template

More Details on the Posting Policy

Time, Place and Manner Policy


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