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What is the Programming Board?

The Skyline College Programming Board is the program planning branch of student government (Associated Students of Skyline College). The Programming Board plans and facilitates a wide variety of special events from Welcome Back Week to Heritage Months, to Earth Day.


Programming Board Mission:

  • Support and collaborate programming activities with the Associated Students of Skyline College Governing Council, Office for Student Life and Leadership Development and other student clubs and organizations
  • Create leadership opportunities and volunteer experiences for the Skyline College student body
  • Provide a variety of social, educational and cultural events open to the entire Skyline College Community
  • Serve as a vehicle through which the student body can express their voice and bring their ideas to life.

Join Programming Board!

Programming Board Application 2014-2015


Program Planning Materials

Contract for Performers

Event Contract

Food at Your Program

Layout of Building 6 Cafeteria

Layout of Building 6 Cafeteria 43 Table Example

Layout of Building 6 Cafeteria 50 Table Example

Movies at your Program

Program Proposal

W-9 Form for Anyone Being Paid for a Service (Foodtruck, Caterers, Performers, etc.)

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