NSF Grants

The Skyline Scholarships for Success in STEM (4S ) project is designed to (1) increase the numbers of low-income, academically talented students in STEM disciplines at Skyline College who attain a STEM-related associate degree or transfer to four-year universities to pursue STEM-related baccalaureate degrees, and (2) study the contribution of scholarships, curricular, and co-curricular activities to the recruitment, course completion, retention, degree attainment, and transfer of students traditionally underrepresented in STEM study and the STEM workforce.

Skyline College will use funding under Strand 1: S-STEM Institutional Capacity Building to award 114 scholarships over a 3-year period, averaging $3,500 per year, to students as they progressively deepen their commitment to a STEM pathway and advance toward a degree or transfer within six semesters. Along with 4S scholarships, students will participate in a set of core program elements, the impact of which will be tested through evaluation: (a) detailed mapping of a STEM pathway in the Student Education Plan (SEP), (b) enrollment in a cohort-based bridge program that supports success in pre-transfer level and gateway STEM courses, (c) intensive STEM pathway retention support, including academic, career, and transfer advising, (d) access to the college?s STEM/MESA Center, (e) STEM faculty mentoring, (f) Academic Excellence Workshops, and (g) for students enrolled in gateway STEM courses, engagement in an Embedded Peer Instruction Cohort (EPIC).

Silicon Valley Career Pathways Partnership

Skyline College is a leading partner in the Silicon Valley Career Pathways Partnership grant. A critical component all of the Silicon Valley Engineering Tech Pathways (SVETP) is the STEM Core. The STEM Core provides a foundational year for community college students accelerating their path to STEM degrees and careers in computer science, engineering, and other high wage, high demand occupations. The STEM Core is a cohort-based, block scheduled learning community hosted at all nine partner community colleges.

GIG Economy

Solano Community College District awarded Skyline College $15,000 to be used to support the implementation of the Self-employment Pathways in the Gig Economy project. This will advance the development of Skyline College’s Entrepreneurship Educational Pathway while creating increased opportunities and resources for students. Additionally, it will create an established network for students where they are able to thoughtfully engage with like minded individuals and professionals from various industries.

This Self-employment Pathways in the Gig Economy project will allow Skyline College to develop and deliver programming that will prepare students to thoughtfully participate in the emerging Gig Economy. Funds from this sub-grant will go toward faculty as they develop ways to implement components of this program into pre-existing courses as part of the Entrepreneurship Pathway. Students participating in this program will receive one-on-one business coaching, special workshops and other support services to allow them opportunities to self-actualize and expand their potential for employment.