Garden Project

Annually the Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development team partners with The Garden Project those first to experience the innovative Apple technology training elements were close to 75 high school students from Bayview Hunters Point and the Mission as part of our Workforce Readiness and College and Career Connection event with the Garden Project hosted on July 17 – 20 , 25 current Skyline College students and staff on July 18 at our Technology Career Pathways Workshop.

Orange Park Boys and Girls Club

As part of our Future Scholars Camp we hosted 30 middle school students from the Orange Park Boys and Girls Club on July 21 – 24. Moreover, as part of the July 18th workshop, Professor Soledad McCarthy was able to bring her Entrepreneurship class to join the workshop where the session assisted them in developing skills that they were able to get ready for their finals where they were going to be using Apple numbers and graphing programs. Each workshop was very interactive and students were able to receive one-on-one guidance as needed. Apple App’s featured in all of the trainings were: Notes, Keynote, Garage Band, Pages, Numbers, Everyone Can Code and Swift.