Program Benefits

The Asian Studies Program offers students the framework to explore Asian countries from an interdisciplinary perspective. The program aims to provide students with the skills in language, culture, and political economy and commerce that are necessary for those interested in a business with social ties to Asia. Furthermore, students in the Asian Studies Program will receive direct exposure to the Asian environment by participating in the Study Abroad Program in China. The Asian Studies Program is an integrated program of study for any student wishing to better understand an increasingly important region of Asia and is particularly relevant for students in a variety of academic or applied disciplines who have a regional interest in Asia. Graduates of the program would either continue their studies at a four-year institution or utilize their knowledge and training through employment in government, business, or education related to Asia.

Program Description

The Asian Studies in Language, Commerce and Culture program is designed to strengthen Asian area studies and Asian foreign languages across curriculum which will prepare our students and community to function effectively in the areas of culture, commerce, and languages with one of American’s biggest trading partners in Asia. The Associate of Arts degree and certificate programs in Asian Studies and Chinese Studies will provide an interdisciplinary approach to explore the diverse cultures, language, societies, history, political economy and commerce in Asia. The establishment of the educational exchange program (Study Abroad in China) will provide faculty and students with valuable bilingual and bicultural educational experience. The Asian Studies Program in Language, Culture and Commerce will build bridges across disciplines, across cultures and between East and West. It will make international education especially Asia related learning an integral element of quality education at Skyline College and the San Mateo Community College District.

Asian Studies Associate Degree

The Asian Studies Associate Degree is an interdisciplinary program that allows students interested in Asia to utilize Skyline College's course offerings in various divisions to build an interdisciplinary program leading to a Associates Degree. Students choosing the Asian Studies program combine a Skyline College disciplinary major (such as business, Chinese language, history or political science) with Asian Studies courses which prepares them for a career related to Asia. In addition to coordinating Asian related courses via various divisions, the Asian Studies program offers language and culture, and business courses. The interdisciplinary nature of the program can accommodate students with a wide variety of interests. Our program also includes options to participate in our Study Abroad in China Program.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Exhibit effective oral and written communication.
  • Compare and contrast the management styles such as organization structures, competitive strategies, and cultural influences within Asia and the western world.
  • Show increased tolerance and cultural understanding through skillful learning about non-western cultures and societies.

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