Chinese Business Immersion Camp

Through classroom instruction and a variety of activities, students will build proficiency in Chinese business language, culture and business practice. The Chinese business camp provides students with an immersive environment which allows students to apply what they have learned and put it into practice. The camp will meet for four Saturdays in October from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Students earn 1.5 college credits for the class.

Chinese New Year Celebration

The Asian Studies center hosts a Chinese New Year celebration every year.  The event includes Chinese Calligraphy and painting demonstrations, a Chinese film festival and a Chinese food festival along with popular Chinese holiday games.  The event is usually held in the Multicultural Center in Building 4 in early February every year.

Annual Asian Culture Week

The Skyline College Asian Studies Center, Physical Education, Athletic and Dance Department in collaboration with the China Dance School/Theater of San Francisco together host this yearly special event supported by the President’s Innovation Fund. The event promotes cultural exchange and international education and includes an Asian Food Festival, an Asian Film Festival, and the Asian Culture Showcase. Asian Culture Week never fails to be a successful and memorable week for our faculty, students and the community. The next Asian Culture Week will take place in September 2015.