The Administration of Justice Program prepares students for careers in the broad field of criminal justice by providing a solid educational foundation in criminal justice studies, as well as helping those already working in the field to fulfill educational goals and career advancement aspirations. The program at Skyline College is designed to allow students an opportunity to explore the varied and fascinating realm of criminal justice, and to educate students on the many aspects of Justice Administration that await them in the real world.

Skyline College Administration of Justice Program logoThrough the expertise of the faculty – themselves professional practitioners with many years of experience working in the criminal justice system – students can expect to be exposed to the finest in criminal justice education, and to be well prepared for an exciting career in a broad spectrum of criminal justice fields, including law enforcement, corrections, courts, social services, probation, forensics, investigation, security, and the law.

The criminal justice system offers excellent employment opportunities at the local, state, and federal levels of criminal justice to individuals who are ambitious, hardworking, desire to help and serve their communities, have the ability to work well with all types of people, use good judgment, and are of good moral character.  Skyline’s program also offers criminal justice internship opportunities where students can earn college credits while they learn about the profession as they work in various criminal justice agencies in the local area of Skyline College.

If this overview has stirred your interest and excited your imagination, then you should check out the Skyline College Administration of Justice Program right now!  It may very well be one of the best career decisions you will ever make! 

While most of our ADMJ courses are taught during the daytime, we have certain ADMJ courses that are taught in the evening as well as during the summer semester. Check the ADMJ Class Schedule for course availability.

For more information, contact Professor Steve Aurilio, Coordinator of the Administration of Justice Program:

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Steve Aurilio, Professor / ADMJ Program Coordinator
Skyline College Administration of Justice Program
Email: aurilios@smccd.edu
Phone: 650.738.4134

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