Accounting: Computer Specialist

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Goal Career Certificate (C8)
Catalog Rights Academic Year 2014-2015
Accounting Computer Specialist - Skyline
Minimum Credits Required: 11
Accounting Procedures
3 Credits in ACTG 100
Ten Key Skills
0.5 Credits in ACTG 103
QuickBooks: Set-up and Service Business
1.5 Credits in ACTG 144
Introduction to Computers with Windows I
1.5 Credits in BCM. 104 or 104
Spreadsheets I: Excel
1 Credit in BCM. 225 or 225
Spreadsheets II: Excel
2 Credits in BCM. 226 or 226
Maximizing Your Employment Potential
1.5 Credits in BCM. 301 or 301

Gainful Employment Disclosure

View Gainful Employment Disclosure Information, which contains key gainful employment outcomes for graduates from Skyline’s certificate programs, including estimates of the costs of tuition, books and supplies, and fees; average student loan debt; and normal time to completion of the certificate.

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