Governing Council Officers 2015-2016

  • Kate Williams Browne (President)
  • Leigh Anne Shaw (Past President)
  • Stephen Fredricks (Vice President)
  • Leigh Anne Shaw (Secretary)
  • Tiffany Schmierer (Treasurer)

Committee Chairs

Division Reps

  • Shawna Whitney and Dick Claire (Business)
  • Jessica Hurless (Language Arts)
  • Jacqueline Escobar (Counseling)
  • Amber Steele (Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance)
  • Tatiana Irwin (Social Sciences-Creative Arts)
  • Mousa Ghanma (Science/Math/Technology)
  • Dennis Wolbers (Academic Support and Learning Technologies)

Ex-officio Representatives

  • Rob Williams (AFT)
  • SEEED (open)
  • Marlon Gaytan and Nicole Harris (ASSC)
  • Alana Utsumi (Classified Senate)

Past Senate Presidents


Membership (elected by faculty)

Nick Kapp (Professor)

Science/Math/Technology - Biology

Leigh Anne Shaw (Professor/Faculty Coordinator for ELI Program)

Language Arts - ESOL

Zachary Bruno (Instructor)

Social Science/Creative Arts - Music

Tatiana Irwin (Instructor)

Social Science/Creative Arts - History

Kathryn Browne (Professor)

Business, Education and Professional Programs - ECE

Richard Claire (Instructor)

Business, Education and Professional Programs - Accounting

Mousa Ghanma (Chemistry Stockroom Tech.)

Science/Math/Technology - Chemistry
(650) 738-4364
BLDG 7A-340

Amber Steele (Assistant Professor)

Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance - Dance

Dennis Wolbers (Librarian, Skyline Library)

Academic Support and Learning Technologies - Library

Jessica Hurless (Assistant professor)

Language Arts - Communication Studies

Shawna Whitney (Adjunct Faculty )

Business, Education and Professional Programs - ECE

Stephen Fredricks (MESA Director)

Science/Math/Technology - MESA

Tiffany Schmierer (Associate Professor)

Social Science/Creative Arts - Art

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