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Below are the candidates' statements for the Fall 2014 Academic Senate Governing Council elections.  Voting will begin May 9th and conclude May 16th. Look for a link to an electronic ballot in your campus email.


Candidate for President: Kate Williams Browne

I am the Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator & full-time faculty.  I have served as Vice-president for the past 2 years, and as Business/Education Representative for 2 years before that.  I hope to continue serving the faculty of our College, promoting their concerns, and representing our College at state, district and local levels.  I have participated in several State Plenary sessions, and I relish the participatory nature of shared governance. 

photo of Kate Williams Browne

Candidate for Vice President: no candidate



Candidate for Secretary: Leigh Anne Shaw

I have been pleased to have served Skyline College as Academic Senate Secretary, Vice President, and President in succession since 2010. I also served as the Language Arts representative in 2007-2008. I believe that the Senate is the most powerful avenue of advocacy that faculty can engage in, and it is my hope to continue to inspire others to participate and benefit from all it has to offer. I am also responsible for the web presence of the Academic Senate at Skyline College, and as Secretary, I can continue serving the faculty in that way.

 photo of Leigh Anne Shaw

Candidate for Treasurer: Tiffany Schmierer

I would be honored to serve as your Academic Senate Treasurer for my third term.  My goals are to promote the faculty’s voice in participatory governance and help increase our Academic Senate scholarship contributions.

photo of Tiffany Schmierer

Candidate for Professional Personnel Committee Chair: Zachary Bruno

With faculty representation from every division, the Professional Personnel Committee helps recommend funding for faculty projects, helps recommend professional development sessions, helps recommend faculty awards, considers any questions of professional ethics, and plans faculty social events. I would be pleased to serve another year as chair.

photo of Zachary Bruno

Candidate for Educational Policy Chair:   Nick Kapp

Over the years, I have served the college in many capacities including Senate president, district Senate president, Curriclulum Co-chair, among many others. I am committed to serving this college and would be pleased to chair this committee.

photo of Nick Kapp

Candidate for Educational Policy Chair: Stephen Fredricks

I have played several roles at this campus including Educational Policy chair. I am deeply committed to serving the college in any way that I can, and I would be pleased to serve another term if elected.

photo of Stephen Fredricks

Candidate for Research Committee: Mousa Ghanma

I feel that continuity in this position is needed to address issues that need further exploration, evaluation, and enhancement such as:

  • Better explore, define and establish the role of the chair and the committee as a whole
  • Enhance the function of the committee as a source of information for faculty who are new to research, or those who need logistic help.
  • Facilitate IRB approvals.
photo of Mousa Ghanma

Candidates for Curriculum Committee: Christine Roumbanis and Dennis Wolbers (to co-chair)

We have more than 18 years of combined service on the Curriculum Committee.  As a former chair and co-chair of this committee, Christine has demonstrated extensive leadership ability.  We have both been involved in a variety of campus committees and initiatives for many years, including SLOAC, accreditation, PETF, distance education, ASTEP, and more. This range of experience gives us a broad perspective and a clear understanding of the interconnections on campus, so that we are able to understand the impact and significance of the work done by the Curriculum Committee on students, faculty, administration, staff, and the broader community.

 photo of Dennis Wolbers

photo of Christine Roumbanis

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