How do I upload a PDF to my website?

In order to link to a PDF on your webpage, you’ll need to upload the document first. (remember, never upload Word Documents, only PDFs!).

To upload a document first click on the CONTENT button on the blue bar at the very top of the webpage.

picture of the content button circled in red

You’ll be taken to a page that lists all the webpages within your given website. You’ll also notice two folders (with yellow icons) labeled “assets” and “images.” You’ll only be using the “Assets” folder. This is the folder where you will upload all your PDFs. Click on it to open it.

picture of the assets folder circled in red

Once you are in the “Assets” folder, you can upload your files. Click on the UPLOAD button in the upper right of your screen.

picture of the upload button circled in red

Once you click on UPLOAD, a dialogue box will pop up. Click on the green ADD button to upload your document. Browse for your document on your computer and select it.

picture of the add document button circled in red

Make sure the name of your document does not contain any spaces, and is an evergreen filename (in other words, avoid things in your document title like “Version2” or “Updated_July_22_2015” or “Final”)

If you need to change the name of your document, hover over your document name and click on the RENAME button when it appears. Once you are satisfied with the name of your file, click the START UPLOAD button, and then click the CLOSE button in the following dialogue box.

You can now link to this PDF from a page within your website.

picture of the rename function and start upload button circled in red