How do I edit text and submit changes for approval on my page?

Editing text within Omni is easy, and the editor has many of the same functionalities as editing in a Word document.

Within the Omni Portal, click on the green EDIT MAIN CONTENT AREA button located directly above the main content of your page (see image, circled in red)

picture of the editing button circled in red

The toolbar includes several tools you may find useful, including BOLD, ITALIC, INDENT, BULLETED LISTS, and PARAGRAPH ALIGNMENT buttons. (see image) You can use these buttons as you would in a word document by highlighting the text you want to apply the edit to, and then clicking the appropriate button.

picture of toolbar buttons circled in red

As with any edit, remember to SAVE your work (using the purple save icon in the upper left corner of the toolbar) and then SUBMIT your work for approval (using the green SUBMIT button).

picture of green submit button circled in red

After you click the green SUBMIT button, a dialogue box will pop up. You will need to input a Subject (labeled #1 in image) that broadly describes what you did, ie: "Edits to Index Page."

Then input a Message (#2) that gives greater detail, ie: "Made some of the text bold in first paragraph and uploaded and linked to a new PDF."

Finally, hit the blue submit button (#3) in order to send in your changes for approval.

picture of submit dialogue box