Skyline College Research Symposium, May 2021

The Skyline College Research Symposium is an annual event held during the spring semester that allows Skyline College students to showcase their original research. This year's symposium is virtual. Students have prepared 10-minute presentations on their research.

Watch this year's presentations:

Community-level physiological profile of Colma Creek. Ellaine Arroyo.

An analysis on the influence of occupational groups on workplace suicide in the United States. Isabelle Antaran.

Identifying microplastic concentrations in Belmont Creek. Benjamin-Rafael Mingoa. 

How can temozolomide enhance personalized medicine for glioblastomas? Ellaine Arroyo and Julia Chang.

Inhibiting fungal growth on strawberries (Fragaria). Yiya Wang.

A new external use gel treatment of eczema (atopic dermatitis). Jonathan Zhang.

A better labware plastic. Julio Catalan.

Coin circulation. Statistics team 1.

Designing a hydrophone. Abraham Felix

The observed effects of urbanization on deer behavior in California and Iowa. Monica Mendoza and Lev Schnaider

Food delivery app usage during quarantine. Statistics team 2.

Natural history of leopard sharks in the South Bay.  Benjamin-Rafael Mingoa.