The Skyline College Annual Program Plan (APP) is an integral piece of the planning and resource allocation processes. The annual process enables program/service areas to be nimble in improving student learning and program effectiveness—evaluating and refining progress on prior program objectives; responding to needs that emerge from analysis of outcomes attainment, program data and other relevant information; and requesting resources to support goals/ objectives. In addition, tracking your objectives in Strategic Planning Online (SPOL), provides a means for longitudinal analysis of the program/ service area’s effectiveness, which will inform the Comprehensive Program Review.  

The purpose of the Annual Program Plan is to collect information to be used by the college planning bodies Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC), Instructional Leadership Team (ILT), Student Services Leadership Team (SSLT), Full-Time Faculty Allocation Committee (FTEFAC), and may be used for Program Improvement and Viability (PIV) processes.



Annual Program Plan (APP) Prompts  

As for Spring 2017, the APP has shifted from a paper-based submission to an online submission via Strategic Planning Online (SPOL), a cloud-based platform to integrate the process for program review, planning and resource allocation. If you have questions about the process or SPOL, please contact the PRIE Office.


Due Date

The Annual Program Plan (APP) is due on April 15   May 1 (extended for Academic 2019/20 submission).