One-Stop Student Services Vision Committee

Transforming institutional processes in order to integrate services so that the “students first” philosophy continues to be implemented.  Through the Vision Committee’s work, barriers to the “student first” philosophy will be discovered and staff will develop a holistic approach to problem solving.

WOW! Women on Writing Conference

The Women Writer’s Conference on March 8, 2003 will bring faculty, staff, students, and community members together with culturally diverse writers who will present their work and discuss their creative process.  The program will include a major, nationally-known female author as the keynote speaker, a writers panel featuring respected and well-known women authors, a keynote panel that will include a group of professional screenwriters, four writing workshops, and a playwrights panel featuring scenes from new plays. The conference will close with an authors’ reception and a women’s art exhibition. WOW! will raise awareness of Skyline course offerings, services and programs for women.

Sports Information Internship

This internship will create an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Athletic Department and the Marketing, Communications and Public Relations Office to promote Athletic Programs.  The Sports Information intern will serve as an internal agent to create publicity as well as develop a website, Booster Club, sports programs, and brochures to assist coaches in their function to matriculate graduating sophomores and recruit new student athletes.

Permanent Collection of Skyline Student Artwork

Start-up financial support to create a collection of student artwork for installation of the works in sites around campus.  The artwork would be pre-selected through the jurying/curatorial process that occurs during the annual student exhibitions in the Gallery Theatre.

Learning Communities:  Learning communities are powerful ways to deliver instruction that have been shown to significantly raise student success by helping students integrate their knowledge, making success in one cluster of classes more likely to lead to success in others.

  • Honors Transfer Program Learning Communities

Offer one learning community cluster each semester of academic year 2002/03 that pairs a history and an English class.  Instructors will learn new pedagogical techniques and collaboratively produce new class materials to support each learning community.

  • “Struggle and Affirmation” Learning Community Project

Combining History 101 Honors and English 100 Honors into teaching a Learning Community entitled “Struggle and Affirmation.”  “The Legacy Project” will be brought to Skyline College and features the work of portrait photographer Evvy Eisen, who has photographed Holocaust survivors and collected narratives of their personal struggles.

  • ASTEP Learning Community

Provide seed funding to develop funding sources for the new design of the ASTEP Learning Community.  This learning community is designed as a five-semester program with the unifying theme of the African American Experience in the 21st Century, so that students and faculty may build connections between subject matter, disciplines, and ideas.

  • Puente Project

The Puente Project is a partnership between the University of California and the California Community Colleges that focuses on preparing Latino students who are educationally underserved for transfer.  This successful learning community at Skyline suffers from the lack of adequate funding.

  • Biology Honors Colloquium/MESA Partnership

Seed funding to offer a unique set of experiences to students as they study marine mammals, the topic of the Fall 2002 biology colloquium.  The activities of the biology colloquium will also be attended by MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement) students.