Skyline College’s Paralegal Internship Program provides students the opportunity to build professional connections, develop professional competence, and gain the professional experience needed to qualify for positions in the legal field.

Students participating in the internship program can expect to:

  • Gain invaluable hands-on work experience in the legal field 
  • Apply classroom learning to real world job tasks
  • Acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for professional success
  • Develop a professional network in the legal community and clarify career goals 
  • Fulfill the experience requirement associated with many job openings

Frequently Asked Questions:

Skyline College will help students develop professional resumes and cover letter, find internship opportunities, and make connections with employers who have previously provided internships for Skyline College students. Skyline College does not guarantee placement for student interns.

Full time students generally enroll in the internship in the second year of the paralegal program.

As an intern, students may be asked to complete a variety of tasks such as maintaining files, answering phones, making copies, filing documents, and more. Interns who prove to be diligent and reliable may be entrusted with additional tasks. The key to success is to view each task as an opportunity to learn something new.

To join the internship program, register for LEGL 671 - paralegal internships. After completing the internship, students can enroll in Cooperative Education and continue to earn college credit for work experience.

Paralegal Interns can expect to spend about 12 - 15 hours a week at an internship for about fifteen weeks. The exact number of hours and days will depend on the employer. Generally, internships will take place Monday - Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Internships may be renewed by the mutual agreement of the student and the employer.

Student interns will learn the skills necessary for success in the paralegal field, including organization, communication, filing, writing, research, investigation, legal technology, multi-tasking, teamwork, and attention to detail.

For Employers:

Now that your employee is classified as an internship student at Skyline College, we would like to acquaint you with your responsibilities as an employer and a critical component to the success of the internship program at Skyline College.

Sit down with your employee and assist him or her with the formulation of three (3) measurable job-related learning objectives you feel would make this individual a better and more effective employee within your organization.

Please sign the learning objectives indicating your acknowledgement and approval of your employee's job-related objectives.