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Society & Education

Is Society & Education for you?

You’re interested in the organizations, laws, politics, interactions, and social bonds that make our planet such a rich and diverse place – and you’re always craving to learn more. Studying human behavior, culture and identity excite you. You have an intellectual spirit, and you enjoy sharing that with others because you understand the importance of doing your part within your interconnected community.
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Degree Type
Education / Child Development:
Early Childhood Education AS
Early Childhood Education CA
Early Childhood Education for Transfer AS-T
Early Childhood Special Education CA
Elementary Teacher Education for Transfer AA-T
Infant/Toddler Care Area of Specialization SC
Early Childhood Education Administration CC
Children With Special Needs Area of Specialization SC
History & Cultural Studies:
Anthropology for Transfer AA-T
History for Transfer AA-T
International Studies AA
Geography for Transfer  AA-T
Interdisciplinary Studies
Social and Behavioral Sciences AA
Social and Natural Sciences AA
Administration of Justice AA
Administration of Justice CA
Administration of Justice for Transfer AS-T
Paralegal, Legal Assistant AA
Paralegal, Legal Assistant CA
Physical Education:
Physical Education AA
Social & Behavioral Sciences:
Economics for Transfer  AA-T
Philosophy for Transfer AA-T
Political Science for Transfer AA-T
Psychology AA
Psychology for Transfer AA-T
Social Justice Studies for Transfer  AA-T
Sociology for Transfer AA-T
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