To find which full-text periodicals (i.e. magazine, journals or newspapers) are available in Skyline College Library article databases or print periodicals, enter a title in the search box below.



If you are looking for an article that is in a journal that is not available through any Skyline College Library database, contact us.  

Periodicals on the Web

You can check the News & Periodical Resources on the Web (from the Library of Congress) or use Google to see if a particular periodical has a website. Magazines, journals and newspapers that have websites may provide access to back issues (archives) of their publications. These archives vary in what they provide--from just occasional selected articles to more complete access to all articles in back issues. Sometimes they provide free access to the full-text of all articles; sometimes they charge a fee for articles.

To check for periodicals or books available at any library (sorted by location), see the WorldCat Catalog. To check for periodicals available at San Francisco State University Library, use the SFSU InvestiGator library catalog journals search. To find out which databases index any periodical, use the CUFTS Journal Search.