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Interlibrary Loan Services

Article Delivery Service

Skyline provides a free Article Delivery Service for articles not available through the Skyline Library article databases. After you fill out the Article Delivery Service request form, a librarian will email you the requested article or inform you that the article was not available.

If the article was not available, a Librarian will let you know whether it can be obtained from UC Berkeley or Stanford University. Charges run approximately $20 per article, and are payable by the faculty member to one of those institutions directly. A librarian will contact you with further instructions.

Books: Interlibrary Loan Services

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services make it possible for librarians to borrow books from other libraries.

Consult the Library Catalog before making a request.

Peninsula Library System

If the book you seek is not at Skyline College Library but is at another library in the Peninsula Library System (PLS), use the “Hold” button to request the book at no charge. The book will arrive at Skyline College in 3 to 5 business days. You may return the book to any library in PLS.

Link+ Catalog

Many Bay Area public libraries subscribe to the free Link+  interlibrary loan service which provides access to thousands of academic and popular books. If your public library is a Link+ member, you can request books for free, delivered to your public library. You must return the book(s) to your local public library as well.

Stanford University

For books not available through PLS or Link+, contact a Skyline librarian to check availability through Stanford University, which provides interlibrary lending of certain materials through Skyline College. If Stanford agrees to loan the title, a Skyline librarian will inform you and can process the loan request. A charge of $25 plus $7.50 for handling is payable directly to Stanford University. A Skyline librarian will notify you when the book arrives. You must return the book to Skyline Library.