The Math Lab

The Math Lab offers supplemental assistance in mathematics from basic mathematical skills to Calculus by means of courses, workshops and activities in Mathematics. For tutoring in Accounting, Business, and Sciences please visit the Science/Social Science/Business Lab page.

Math and Science Lab courses are offered for any student seeking help in a math or science class. Enrolling in one of the below LSKL (Learning Skills) courses provides students with access to one-on-one and group tutoring, and access to computers and other learning laboratory resources.

  1. LSKL 800AV: Supplemental Learning Assistance
  2. LSKL 803AV: Supervised Peer Tutoring

In these two courses, students work individually and/or in groups to reinforce learning in the parent course from which the student was referred.

Supplemental Math assistance is also offered through TRiO

Math 650AV and Math 650BV (Mathematics Supplement - TRIO) are designed primarily for students in the TRiO program. The format of Math 650 provides students with individual and group assistance for collaborative work and appropriate lab activities including the use of computers to solve mathematical problems.


Click here for the Fall 2014 Math Lab Tutoring Schedule

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