Kevin Chak, Bookstore Manager

Auxiliary ServicesBookstore Skyline

Gary Cheang, Chem/Bio Laboratory Coordinator

Science|Math|TechnologyBiology (BIOL) Skyline

Judith Crawford, Adjunct Faculty

Science|Math|TechnologyEmergency Systems Technology (EMC) Skyline

Brian Daniel, Associate Professor

Science|Math|TechnologyRespiratory Care (RPTH) Skyline

John Doctor, Facilities Manager

Facilities Planning and OperationsFacilities Skyline
(650) 738-4166

Alexandria Hatzistratis, Division Assistant

Kinesiology|Athletics|DanceDivision Office Skyline

Nancy Lam, Staff Assistant

Business, Education and Professional ProgramsAutomotive Skyline
(650) 738-4438/738-7188

Golda Margate, Executive Assistant

VP Student ServicesVP Student Services Skyline

Joseph Morello, Jr., Dean of Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance

Kinesiology|Athletics|DanceDivision Office Skyline

Tina (Jacinda) Watts, Child Development Services Coordinator

Business, Education and Professional ProgramsChild Development Center Skyline
(650) 738-7071