In Fall, faculty from each of the GE areas will come together for four hours per month to develop the outcomes, calendar of activities and events and events, and big questions for each of the thematic bundles. Faculty will work with courses that already exist to build in concepts and activities that can connect that course to the theme as well as to other courses within the thematic bundle.

The Ethnic and Cultural Diversity bundle will:

  • Provide students with opportunities to understand the history, customs, traditions, rituals, communication styles, patterns of behavior, language, perceptions, and world-views of different ethnic and cultural groups represented in the Bay Area community.
  • Help students better understand and appreciate the ethnic and cultural diversity of our society as we move toward increasing diversity in our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces. Understanding and appreciating the richness of differences helps to facilitate change and increases our ability to work together as a society.
  • Help students develop sensitivity and skills in living and working in a diverse community.

The Sustainability Bundle will help students:

  • Recognize the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability issues while engaging in the development of solutions for creating more sustainable societies.
  • Understand the impacts that humans have on the environment, as well as the disproportionate impact on ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic groups.
  • Build skills for analyzing, interpreting, and communicating about complex environmental issues.