The GE Inquiry Team, a part of the Design Team, has been investigating the feasibility of creating GE Bundles tied to themes. Students will be have options for each of the GE areas for courses that are connected through interdisciplinary themes. In Fall, 2019, two Pilot Thematic Bundles will be built: Ethnic and Cultural Diversity and Sustainability. These themes were chosen based on feedback from a Fall 2018 all campus division meeting as well as momentum behind themes on campus.

Thematic GE Bundles are not:

  • Learning communities.
  • Organized by student cohort or linked courses.
  • Designed to replace all other student-facing GE models for students.
  • Intended to limit or cancel GE courses left out of bundles.
  • Limited to a particular Skyline student or faculty member.

Thematic GE Bundles do :

  • Help students see connections between GE courses and discipline majors.
  • Promote interdisciplinary learning by making links between disciplines and modes of thinking.
  • Promote creative and critical thinking.
  • Help students understand the purpose of their required courses.
  • Promote high impact practices and student-centered pedagogy.
  • Promote collaboration between faculty, staff and student services.
  • Help students Get in, Get through, and Graduate...On time.