Financial Aid Ambassadors Serve As:

  • Liaisons between the College, local high schools and community partners
  • Assistants for financial aid activities such as workshops and Financial Aid Awareness Week
  • College representatives at community events such as Cash for College and College Fairs

Primary Goals

  • Raise awareness of State and Federal Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources
  • Encourage low-income and disadvantaged students to apply for financial aid
  • Assist students (current and prospective) and their families in overcoming financial barriers
  • Communicate with local feeder high schools, community organizations and the general public

Benefits of being a Financial Aid Ambassador

  • Build leadership and public-speaking skills.
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of financial aid and scholarship resources.
  • Establish relationships with administrators, faculty, staff and students at Skyline College.
  • Develop relationships with four-year university representatives and community partners.

Ambassador Services

Classroom Presentations: Financial Aid Ambassadors are available to conduct classroom presentation on upcoming Financial Aid Office events and general financial aid information. We would love for our Financial Aid Ambassadors to present to your class and help encourage your students to apply for financial aid and scholarships!

Community Events: Financial Aid Ambassadors are available to give presentations, workshops and staff information tables.

If you are interested in having a Financial Aid Ambassador give a brief presentation to your classroom or attend your next event or activity, please email Patricia Flores.

Current Financial Aid Ambassadors

Eric Torres: Eric graduated in 2010 from Capuchino High School in San Bruno, California. He is a first generation full-time college student currently attending Skyline College. Eric’s academic goal is to achieve his AA in Business Administration at Skyline College and transfer to San Francisco State University in 2020. He is an innovative entrepreneur eager to defy the odds that work against him. He is a single father of two year old son that influences his pursuit for achievement. Eric utilizes as many resources on campus to support him financially and educationally such as the SparkPoint Center and the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS). He is invigorated to help out his fellow peers and promotes success for everyone. This, among many other progressive traits, makes him a great asset to the financial aid department as their student ambassador.


Tatiana Rabon: Tatiana is a first generation student at Skyline College majoring in Sociology and will be graduating with her Associates degree. She plans to transfer to a San Francisco State University and become a Social Worker, where she will continue to help and mentor families. Tatiana is a jack of all trades! She is mother of two wonderful children, bilingual in Spanish/English and full time student in her last semester. She started off her career as a Federal Work Study Student in the Financial Aid Department, which led her to become a Campus Ambassador. Tatiana has faced many challenges throughout her education but it is here at Skyline, where she was able to overcome those challenges with help from campus resources, programs, and support. Have any questions? Feel free to come up and ask her questions.