Financial Aid Ambassador Program

Financial Aid Ambassadors Serve As:

  • Liaisons between the College, local high schools and community partners
  • Assistants for financial aid activities such as workshops and Financial Aid Awareness Week
  • College representatives at community events such as Cash for College and College Fairs

Primary Emphasis: 

  • Raise awareness of State and Federal Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources
  • Encourage low-income and disadvantaged students to apply for financial aid
  • Assist students (current and prospective) and their families in overcoming financial barriers
  • Communicate with local feeder high schools, community organizations and the general public 

Benefits of being a Financial Aid Ambassador:

  • Build leadership and public-speaking skills.
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of financial aid and scholarship resources.
  • Establish relationships with administrators, faculty, staff and students at Skyline College.
  • Develop relationships with four-year university representatives and community partners.


Classroom Presentations:  Financial Aid Ambassadors are available to conduct classroom presentation on upcoming Financial Aid Office events and general financial aid information.  If you are interested in having a Financial Aid Ambassador give a brief presentation to your classroom, please email Jocelyn Vila.  We would love for our Financial Aid Ambassadors to present to your class and help encourage your students to apply for financial aid and scholarships!

Community Events:  Financial Aid Ambassadors are available to give presentations, workshops and staff information tables.  If you would like a Financial Aid Ambassador to attend your next event or activity, please Jocelyn Vila

Current Financial Aid Ambassadors for 2014-2015

Leitu Takapu:  Leitu graduated from South San Francisco High School in 2012. She is the youngest of eight siblings and comes from a very grounded and humble family.  She is very excited to be a part of the Financial Aid Office.  Leitu says that she loves being in college and she strives to be the best in everything she does. Her dream is to one day be a social worker.  Leitu joined our Ambassador Team in Spring 2013.  Leitu is a 2013-2014 Grove Scholarship recipient. 

Michael Mark: Michael graduated from Oceana High School, Pacifica. He became a Financial Ambassador in his Fall 2014 semester and enjoys it very much especially being his first job. He loves learning new things, playing music, and taking long walks on the beach. He is excited to continue studying amongst his peers and also helping them recieve money for their education. He is pursuing a doctorate degree in forensic biology though he has a long way before he can acomplish his goal. If you see the iconic septum piercing and you have a question about financial aid don't be afriad of his looks just ask your question and he will help you out.

Charene Quan:  Charene is a returning student with a goal to pursue a higher education. She is part of the Kababayan Program and also became a Financial Aid Ambassador in Fall 2014 semester. She is positively excited to be part of the Financial Aid Office and help students to further their knowledge about Financial Aid. She enjoys meeting new people and loves challenging herself to go beyond her limits


Please contact:
Jocelyn Vila, Program Services Coordinator

or email Financial Aid Ambassadors

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