If you are currently deliberating between taking either English 846 or English 105, the following information is designed to help you understand the crucial differences. If you are still uncertain about which course to take after answering the questions below, we recommend that you contact a counselor to seek additional advice in order to ensure that you make the appropriate decision.

The traditional path is:
English 846 + (English 100 or English 105) + English 110.

The accelerated path is:
English 105 + English 110.

Compare ENGL 846 to ENGL 105:

ENGL 846 ENGL 105
Reading Requirements

One or more non-fiction books, plus a number of additional readings at the intermediate college level.

Intermediate academic reading techniques, comprehension, vocabulary, and complex critical reading strategies.

Two or more non-fiction books, plus a number of additional readings at a more advanced level.

Academic reading with in-depth analysis and more complex concepts.

Writing Requirements

4-6 text-based essays of 3-6 pages (which may include a research paper).

Intermediate to advanced sentence combining, simple to complex thesis development, outline forms, quotation formatting and documentation.

5-6 text-based essays of 4-8 pages (including a mandatory research paper).

Complex thesis and outlines, advanced organizational techniques, quotation formatting and documentation.

Student Performance Expectations

At least 12 hours of course work per week outside of class.

ENGL 846 is not transfer-level. This course is designed to give students basic writing skills so that they can create clear, simple essays which will enable them to perform successfully in ENGL 105.

At least 15 hours of course work per week.

This course is designed for college transfer. The level of difficulty is identical to equivalent English classes offered at state colleges or universities.

ENGL 846 Example Assignments

ENGL 105 Example Assignments


Answer these 11 questions to help determine your best path: