What is the New Student Orientation Program?

The New Student Orientation is designed to provide students with the information, resources, and tools needed to be successful at Skyline College. Orientation is a part of the “Getting Started” process at Skyline College and usually takes place after the English and Math Placement tests are completed. Upon completion of Orientation, students should schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor to help them select the appropriate classes. After attending the counseling appointment students will be given a date on which they can then register for their classes.

Who is required to complete the Orientation?

You are required to participate in Orientation if you are any of these:

  1. Obtaining a 2-year degree (A.A./A.S.) or vocational certificate
  2. Transferring to a four-year university
  3. Applying for financial aid
  4. Undecided on a major or educational goal
  5. Limited in your English proficiency

Orientation is not required, but highly recommended if you are:

  1. Taking classes for personal enrichment
  2. Employed and taking classes related to your job
  3. Attending another college and taking classes to meet requirements of that college

How is Orientation offered?

We also offer an Online Orientation for students who cannot come to campus, although we highly recommend you schedule an in-person Orientation. Students completing the Online Orientation may have to wait for several weeks for the next available counseling appointment. The Online Orientation is not recommended for students with limited English proficiency.

It normally takes 60-90 minutes to complete this orientation (It may take longer if you explore the links).

You do not need to complete this orientation all in one session. You can log off and then return later to pick up where you left off.

You will be asked to answer questions along the way. The computer will keep track of your answers. You must have a score of 80% or better to pass the Online Orientation and be able to print a Certificate of Completion; if you don't you'll need to repeat the online orientation until you do score 80% or better.

After completing the orientation print out both the Certificate of Completion and the Counseling Session Worksheet and bring them to your first counseling appointment.

How to Schedule An Appointment,

    1. Visit the Counseling Department (Building 2, Room 2220) or
    2. Call 650-738-4318 or
    3. Schedule an appointment online via  WebSMART
      1. Click on Schedule Appointments under Student Services
      2. Click New Student Orientation Appointment 
      3. Select the Day and Time that fits your schedule and click Find Appointment
      4. Put in your information and click Continue
      5. Logout to exit webpage

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