Welcome to the College Success Initiative (a.k.a. the Basic Skills Initiative) Project at Skyline College! Our mission is to develop and implement a comprehensive developmental education program that will facilitate the transition of students into and through degree, certificate, and transfer courses and programs.

With funding provided by the California Community Colleges Systems Office, Skyline faculty and staff are working hard to design and implement projects that fulfill Skyline College's CSI mission. Widespread faculty and staff involvement is vital to the success of this project, hence we encourage faculty and staff from all areas of the College to attend meetings. Faculty and staff are also welcome to participate in specific projects by inquiring with the appropriate lead people.

CSI has initiated and supported many programs and projects to help our students achieve greater success in their basic skills courses.  Some of the projects and programs include the Career Advancement Academy, First-Year Experience/Second-Year Experience, Supplemental Instruction, Early Alert, and acceleration in math and English. 

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