African Business Roundtable:

The California-Africa Business Roundtable was born out of the collaborative efforts of the US Export Assistance Center (San Francisco) and the State of California's Bay Area Center for International Trade Development to further trade and economic development between California /US Pacific Region and Africa.

The USEAC and the CITD provide export-assistance to CA-based companies with the objective of assisting them (the companies) to access and grow in foreign markets.

The vision of the CA-Africa Business Roundtable is to:

  • Create a conducive environment to further economic development between African countries and California and the US Pacific Region
  • Familiarize African leaders/nations with the diverse technology, financial/investment and multiple industry sectors of California
  • Current industry sectors of focus are: Energy, Environmental/Water Technology, Medical/Healthcare, ICT and ACE/Green Construction
  • Attract more African Trade and Investment opportunities to California
  • Create and prepare a focused-group of California-based companies to target trade and projects in African countries

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