What is the BioBridge Program?

BioBridge is about connecting your education with work-based learning. This program is designed for beginners entering the field of biotech for the first time and is not appropriate for individuals with a Bachelor's degree.

Students will spend two semesters earning a 30-unit Certificate of Achievement that introduces students to current trends and processes in the biotechnology manufacturing field and focuses on entry-level relevant science, math and English skill building. In particular, students will develop workforce readiness and soft skills to obtain hands-on work experience.

If you have questions or comments about the application process, contact Nick Kapp (650-738-4415).

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Program Details

Fall Semester:

Students are provided with a baseline of skills in:

  • Biotechnology (BTEC 400)
  • Mathematics (MATH 110)
  • English (ENG 846)
  • College Success (COUN 100)

Spring Semester:

Students advance their skills in:

  • Biotechology (BTEC 170/171)
  • Mathematics (MATH 120)
  • English (ENG 100)
  • Intro to MS Office Suite (BCM 200)
  • Soft Skills (CRER 145)

Students will also complete a 75-hour internship with a biotechnology firm (COOP 670).


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